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August Event 2003

Bound Together by a Common Vision

educating for “Prime Citizenship” in the Kingdom of God

Sponsored by:
NorthWest Christian Schools International & Alta Vista

NWCSI’s third annual August event for teachers new to the District and for returning teachers who want to engage in a common conversation about equipping students to engage God’s world in a manner modeled and mandated by our LORD.  

You are invited to join with teachers across the District to discuss how we might invite, nurture and equip young people for Kingdom citizenship that becomes a way of life.  Through drama, film, music, the visual arts, and the spoken word, we will:

      - explore ways to craft for students a creative, provocative
      encounter with the biblical STORY that helps them “see” it
      in a fresh way and locate themselves within it

      - discuss how we might prepare and encourage students to offer a biblically-grounded prophetic critique of society/culture that expresses both grief over brokenness and hope for restoration

      - explore ways to help students engage the world in transformative/redemptive ways 

  Please join us to help increase our individual and collective understanding of what it means to educate students to be “reform-minded citizens looking for ways to address some of the deformities in our society and culture.”

  Washington State Clock Hours available. 

August 22, 2003
9:00 AM – 2 PM

Faith Community Fellowship
1427 Monte Vista Dr
Mount Vernon, WA



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