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August Event 2006


Parents as Partners     

What does this mean for teachers and administrators?


August 22, 2006


Sponsored by:

NorthWest Christian Schools International & Alta Vista

Guest Speaker - Henry Contant

 Executive Director of the Society of Christian Schools in BC

Although we acknowledge that Christian schools ought to partner with parents in the education of their children, parents and teachers/ administrators don’t often know what that partnership ought to look like. Problems can occur when either parents or school staff doesn’t understand their responsibility or know how to be supportive of each other in this unique partnership.  This practical workshop explores the parent/school partnership relationship at Pre-school, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School levels.

The workshop focuses on …

  • how to establish the partnership relationship immediately and nurture its development during the years the family journeys with your school.
  • developing a written parent – partnership covenant that is re-visited and evaluated regularly.
  • three different paradigms of a Home & School partnership, and challenges staff to examine which is their preferred paradigm.
  • providing strategies for how school personnel can avoid be confrontational with parents
  • sharing practical ideas for how to strengthen the home-school relationship at the K-12 level
  • how to successfully integrate new families into your school community
  • understanding the positive and negative impact of the parent “multiplier effect”
  • how to deal with controversial issues
  • sharing a vision for how a school could to organize a parent –partnership conference

*Washington State Clock hours Available




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