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August Event 2011

Aligning Learning Targets with Appropriate Assessments
a summary of August Event 2011

August Event 2011 built on August Event 2010 which focused on 4 essential questions that can be used in powerful ways in our educational communities to help more students learn more.

Between the 2010 and 2011 Events, we have modified the 4 essential questions to include a question that relates to instructional strategies/pedagogy. The 4 questions are:

1. What do we want our students to learn?
2. How do we know what and how well they are learning?
3. How do we engage all students in relevant learning?
4. What do we do when they learn quickly or don't learn well?

We also placed "disciples of Jesus" in the center as a visual reminder that our primary task as Christian educators is to invite and equip young people to be disciples of Jesus. This primary purpose shapes how we answer each of the 4 questions.

The 'big ideas' of the 2011 Event were:
• Addressing the 4 essential questions is the responsibility of every educator individually and communally
• Every assessment we use must yield accurate information about student achievement.
• The assessment process and its results should be used to improve student learning

The learning targets and evidence of our learning were:
1. We can explain the distinction between formative and summative assessment.
—A clear definition of formative assessment written to inform parents

2. We can clearly identify intended learning and state it in student friendly language.
—2-3 statements of intended learning written in student friendly language

3. We can match intended learning with appropriate assessments.
—Description of appropriate assessment methods for the 2-3 statements of intended learning

With the help of teacher facilitators – Carol Hansen (Mount Vernon), Joel Adeline (Mount Vernon), Robin Lampers (Monroe), and Mare Sullivan (Bellevue) - fifty plus teachers and administrators discussed the importance of clear learning targets written in student-friendly language, matching learning targets with appropriate assessments, and the crucial role of assessments designed to support learning.

Click here for a PowerPoint of the major components of the Event.

Major resources suggested for continued learning were:

Stiggins, R., Arter, J. Chappuis, J, & Chappuis, S. (2006). Classroom assessment for student learning: doing it right – using it well. Portland, OR: Assessment Training Institute.

Brouwer, E. (2007). Blessing Students with Assessment for Learning. Seattle, WA: Alta Vista
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